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George Eliot Review 2017

ARTICLES Charlie Tyson's award winning essay ' "A Being Apart":  Sympathy and Distance in Middlemarch' Sheila Woolf: Felix Holt and 'a fine sight of lawsuits' David Paterson: Radical Politics in the 1860s: The Writing of Felix Holt Athanassia Williamson: Against Egology: Ethics and Style in George Eliot and Emmanuel Levinas PLAY Susan Riley Hoyle: When Howard met George: A Play in Two Acts (Pri...

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Concern for Bird Grove in Coventry

Over Heritage Weekend I wrote a letter and emailed it and some photographs to 22 of the movers and shakers in Coventr... Read more »

George Eliot Country Tour

Six hours spent in visiting the local sites associated with George Eliot. Read more »

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  • George Eliot Visitor Centre

    George Eliot Visitor Centre



  • Between Deafness and Sound


    In his review of The Mill on the Floss on 19 May 1860 for The Times, E. S. Dallas began by arguing that Eliot's first novel Adam Bede was successful because 'the tempo... Read more »