George Eliot Visitor Centre

Nuneaton needs a George Eliot Visitor Centre


George Eliot Visitor Centre, we need your help to make this a reality

Lots to do to ensure that our application to HLF for funding for a George Eliot Visitor Centre at Griff is successful. We are trying to gain support from the public to persuade HLF that there is a real interest in the project among local people. Likes and shares of this will help. Even better - email to make a comment. We will then keep you informed via email of the progress we are making. We hope it will be a long term legacy of the 2019 bicentenary celebrations we are planning for next year. We are not asking for money - yet! But we might need to find an additional £20K. Watch this space.

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Published on 20 June 2018


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  • Ian Shuter commented 19 June 2018 @ 21.37

    Shared on our website and Facebook page

    Let me know if would like me to add any more content to either.

  • J A Simkins commented 19 June 2018 @ 21.13

    If only the area recognised George Eliot as other areas recognise their great writers...look to Stratford-on-Avon and the myriad of places that lead visitors through Shakespeare's life. This Visitor Centre must surely be just the beginning...and commemorate a woman, too!

  • David A Miller commented 09 June 2018 @ 14.26

    We came over from Sweden to research her life (among others) for our book to be published in November in Sweden on writers from Nordic countries and the British Isles.We thought it a real shame that the buildings lack care and there is little recognition given to one of Britains greatest.

  • Tony & Jill Birch commented 08 March 2018 @ 14.31

    GE Visitor Centre
    Best wishes for success in your application to the HLF. A much needed boost for GE & for Nuneaton
    Tony & Jill