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In Nuneaton we are discussing Felix Holt this summer. The Fellowship has published its own edition to celebrate. Go to the Store to buy a copy. We hope people will use the notes being prepared by Denis Baylis and Viv Wood. You can find them in the section called The Books, then click on Felix Holt. Notes will be added before the due date for the reading group.

Felix Holt Cover For PR

We chose this cover because Treby Magna is widely held to be Nuneaton, where the young Mary Ann Evans saw the unrest and riot at the time of the Reform Act in 1832. The picture is by Patty Townsend, a talented local artist who painted several pictures of George Eliot scenes, some of which were included in the Raphael Tuck publication 'George Eliot: Her Early Home' published we think in the 1890s. Nuneaton Museum and Art Gallery own several of her paintings.

The reading group dates are:

1.  April 20th. Introduction and chapters 1-3

We meet the Transomes, Mr Matthew Jermyn & Treby Magna

2.  May 4th. Chapters 4-9

Enter Rev Rufus Lyon, Mrs Holt & Felix, Miss Esther Lyon

Rufus' past (ch. 6)

Upstairs, downstairs at Treby Manor (ch 7)

3.  May 18th. Chapters 10-21

(End of ch. 14 was the end of Vol. 1. At this point Eliot consulted legal minds about the inheritance claim)

4.  June 8th. Chapters 22-33

Esther learns the truth about her parents

Chapter 27

The riot

5.  June 29th. Chapters 34-42

Esther settles in at Transome Court

6.  July 6th. Chapter 43 - end

The trial

Esther decides

We welcome your comments on Felix Holt in its 150th anniversary year.

Published on 19 February 2018


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