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Last Sunday, 28th July, 2013, we had one of our Mill on the Floss walks. These provide a free, two hour talk and walk around this part of George Eliot Country.

Red Deeps Or Griff HollowsLast Sunday, 28th July, 2013, we had one of our Mill on the Floss walks. These provide a free, two hour talk and walk around this part of George Eliot Country.

The event starts and finishes at Griff House, now a Beefeater restaurant and Premier Hotel, so people on the walk can fortify themselves with drink or food either before or after the walk - if they wish. Parking is free and Mike Wastell and his staff make us very welcome.

We start with a look round the outside of Griff, pointing out the parts she would have known during her first 21 years of living here, relating parts of the site to episodes in the novel - like the attic, the mill, the round pool, the rabbits. We then leave the site and walk carefully down Gipsy Lane as far as the Coventry Canal. We walk alongthe towpath for about half a mile, then cross a bridge, where we stop to read some of Eliot's poetry about her childhood memories of her brother Isaac. From there we walk even more carefully (there is no towpath on this bit) until we reach Griff Hollows, known in the book as The Red Deeps. In George Eliot's day this was a canal arm to take coal from the pits on the Arbury Estate, but in the novel it was the rather romantic setting where Maggie Tulliver meets Philip Wakem in secret, since their fathers are sworn enemies.

There is a broad track where the canal used to be (it was filled in during the 1970s) and the path is under an umbrella of trees. At the far end there is a bridge over a stream and there we read two more passages about Maggie and Philip before climbing up to the main road and back to Griff House.

MOTF Walk July 13

Published on 01 August 2013


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  • Freda M. Chaney commented 27 August 2013 @ 13.22

    Lovely blog article, John. Norm and I are remembering with fondness our own whirlwind tour with you around Eliot country in February 2013. We plan to come back during warmer weather and have another go at it. I adore THE MILL ON THE FLOSS walking tour photos! With great appreciation to you, et al. at the George Eliot Fellowship.