Annual George Eliot Lecture 2019


Saturday, 16 November 2019 at 2.00pm

Ruth Livesey



   Professor Ruth Livesey



'Vincent  Van Gogh and George Eliot: Painting and Writing Everyday Life in Nuenen and Nuneaton'

Ruth's paper will use Van Gogh's paintings to look again at George Eliot places. What do these two great artists share in the way they depict everyday life? What do they do in their work to make everyday and ordinary people seem full of radiant colour and significance - and why does that matter?

David Paterson



   David Paterson



'Father of a genius: Robert Evans and George Eliot'

David's paper will concentrate on many aspects of Robert's life, some of which were known, but many more were not. David's research has revealed the extraordinary abilities and innovations of Robert Evans, and his influence on his amazing daughter.


The talks will be followed by light refreshments, questions and discussion.


This event will be held at Chilvers Coton Heritage Centre, Avenue Road, Nuneaton CV11 4LU









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