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Articles include:

Ruth Livesey: George Eliot’s Provincial Life: New Acquisitions at the Beinecke Library

Beryl Gray: Cara Bray, George Eliot, and The Animal World

Nancy Henry: George Eliot’s Humans and Animals

Emily Butler-Probst: ‘They Read with Their Own Eye from Nature’s Own Book’: Imagining Whales in Impressions of Theophrastus Such  (Essay Prize)

Esther Fernandez-Llorente: George Eliot and the Country House

Alison Liebling: Finding George Eliot in Prison: Reflections on its Moral Life

Constance M Fulmer: George Eliot According to Women Then and Now: A Comparison of Observations by her Contemporaries and Women Today

Kathy O’Shaughnessy: How I Came to Write a Novel about George Eliot

K.M. Newton: Cervantes, George Eliot, and Milan Kundera’s The Art of the Novel: An Introduction to a Panel Discussion

John Rignall: Vincent van Gogh and George Eliot

Conference reports from: Leicester (Sarah Barnette), Loughborough (Eleanor Dumbill) and the V&A (John Rignall)

Plus In memoria, book reviews, letters to the editor, bicentenary address at Westminster Abbey by Gabriel Woolf,and reports.

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The George Eliot Fellowship