George Eliot Review 45....2014


Milena Schwab-Graham: Tracing Ludwig Feuerbach's Essence of Christianity through Daniel Deronda. (Essay prize)

Barbara Hardy: Politics and Pastoral in Silas Marner.

Marianne Burton: Casaubon's Impotence: A Literary Libel?

Barbara Hardy: A Response.

Brenda McKay: George Eliot and Psychosomatic Illness: A Foornote to the Biographies.

Andrew Sanders: Romola and Politics.

Leonee Ormond: The Illustrations of Romola.

Louise Lee: Laughter versus Sympathy in Romola and Felix Holt

Alain Jumeau: Romola's Religious Experience.

A G van den Broek: Report on Romola and Felix Holt Conference at IES, November 2013


Barbara Hardy: George Eliot in Context. Edited by Margaret Harris

K M Newton: Narcissus and Echo: A Political Reading of George Eliot's 'Daniel Deronda'. By Johannes Ungelenk.

Donna Maynard: The Road to Middlemarch: My Life with George Eliot. By Rebecca Mead.

George Levine: After Darwin: Animals, Emotions, and the Mind. Edited by Angelique Richardson.

Juliette Atkinson: The Victorian Diary: Authorship and Emotional Labour. By Anne-Marie Millim.

Plus An appreciation of Andrew Brown by Margaret Harris and Joanne Shattock, notes by Taapan Kumar Mykherjee and Rodney Edgecombe, the annual luncheon address by Sheila Woolf, and annual reports from Japan and the UK.

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